Personal & Professional Empowerment

1-1 Parenting Course

This course will enhance your parenting skills in a variety of areas, by learning how to communicate with your child, how to be emotionally available to them and to adapt to a harmonious parenting style.  
This 1-1 allows us to adapt the course to meet your specific needs.  You will be encouraged to put into practise what you learn each week and reflect as part of your homework.  So if you want to develop your knowledge, skills, confidence and have a relaxed yet successful approach to parenting, this course is for you.  Zoom or telephone

NOTE: This can be done as a couple

1-1 Coaching for Professional Mothers

For mothers who desire balance and harmonious, happy units where all members are able to flourish and thrive while achieving their unlimited potential. The work/ life balance is restored and negative self talk and limiting behaviours are eliminated. Zoom or telephone